Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

This is an opportunity for any trained volunteer to help in Canada. As you probably know, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada has experienced a devastating fires. Many thousands of people have lost homes and property (about 40,000 people).

BGCO Disaster Relief is putting teams together to go help them.

Union Baptist Association has been working in parthership with the Soutern Baptist Churches in Alberta, Canada for a few years. We have an opportunity to serve alongside our sister churches and brothers and sisters in Christ. UBA's feeding trailer, truck, and 15 passenger van are being used in this ministry.

You have an opportunity to serve and share Christ. We estimate that less than 4% of the population of Fort McMurray are Christian and many have never heard the Gospel. A van load of DR Chaplains is leaving Wednesday morning. The Feeding Unit will be leaving on Wedensday with a bus. Volunteers to help homeowners sift through their belongings will leave on Saturday.


You would be leaving this Saturday, May 28. You will be back June 10.

Right now it appears you would be helping homeowners sift through their belongings. 

There is a possibility of a second team leaving shortly after the first team gets back.

I know this isn't much notice but that is what happens in disaster relief.

If you can go, please contact Deyrl Kastner at 405-213-4638 or

 I am putting together a feeding team to leave Wednesday to feed the volunteers.  It will be an easy trip as we will only cook meals for 100 people 3 times/day.  This team will be returning about the same time (possibly on the same bus).  So, if you would rather cook than sift let me know.

Dean Kiser

We are all needed: If you cannot go on this trip; you are now on the prayer team. Pray for: safety, good travel (3 days on the road), God's Holy Spirit to empower our witness, God to open blinded eyes and ears to receive the Gospel, Spirit of harmony and unity among the workers, God to raise up churches to disciple the new believers. 

We can do more together than seperate!

In Christ,

Preston Collins

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  June 2021  
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