Stewardship of Resources Team

Team Leader: Dave Karr

Team Members:

Doris Perryman, Ken Presley and Kenneth Robertson

When the year 2020 began, we were all looking for a very productive year. Then as we learned about the pandemic, our thoughts went to how we were going to survive a year of very tough choices. How would the Churches meet and would our giving be down because of declining offerings.

As your Stewardship of Resources Team, we did some very unusual things as far as meetings. The staff would email us financials and we would review them at home and respond with questions or comments as needed so we didn’t have to meet in person. Then we realized that GOD was still in control and about every month the funds were coming in equal to the previous year. In July, just before our budgeting meeting in August, the gifts to UBA were up $7,000 over the previous year. PRAISE THE LORD. Because gifts were up, it was decided not to cut any of the Teams budgets for year 2021. It appears that all Teams will accomplish all their goals for 2020 and stay within their budgets. Their budgets will remain the same for next year.

Thanks to the Team for their monthly dedication to review the financials of the Association and I am happy to report that the Association is in good and healthy financial condition.

Respectfully Submitted

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  September 2021  
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