Stewardship of Resources Team

Team Leader: Dave Karr


Doris Perryman, Ken Presley and Kenneth Robertson

The Stewardship of Resources Team meets monthly to review the income and expenses of the UBA

The income of the association thru August was slightly ahead of Last year.

It was decided to keep the 2020 budget at the same level. The team leaders have a good job of keeping their teams well within their own budgets and still accomplished their objectives and goals of ministry.

This year, as usual, we sent out gift verification information to each of our UBA churches detailing their undesignated contributions to UBA. Each church can compare their own record to see that their contributions match what UBA has recorded. Only five very minor differences were found and corrected. This is an excellent way for each Pastor to check their church’s giving records.

The largest expenses we have are for insurance coverage, Health and Property, it is also the most difficult to budget for due to the volatile economy and rising premiums year to year.

I am happy to report that the financial health of the UBA is very good. Respectfully submitted

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  August 2020  
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