Mission Norman

Director: Carl Dean

Gene Barnes, Founder

Carl Dean, Executive Director

Sandy Duncan, Office Manager


September 2019 - August 2020

During this reporting period for Mission Norman there were 54 salvations, 5 baptisms, and 3 rededications, and 1 person surrendered to special service.

This year we conducted 7 Adventure clubs (Vacation Bible Schools) this spring break and summer. This is down significantly due to the shutdown and other cancelations due to COVID-19. But we were able to do smaller Adventure Clubs and had over 50 children in attendance. We were able to do 3 small block parties this year as well.

The average attendance of our Bible studies in apartment complexes and trailer parks was 170 weekly.

We distributed food to 5,609 households during this reporting period. This represents 6,704 adults and 7,408 children. Each person in the family received approximately 21 meals each, so the total number of meals provided was approximately 296,352 meals.

We were able to help 360 families with utility assistance and 61 families with rent assistance during this reporting period. Additionally, we helped 84 families with non-narcotic prescription medications, 4 families with furniture, and 141 families with gasoline vouchers in order to help them get to a doctor’s appointment or job interview.

We were also able to provide 180 Thanksgiving baskets to families this year. Each family received a turkey or chicken, and received enough stuffing, vegetables, bread, and other fixings to provide a nice meal for each member of the family. Thank you to all the churches, businesses, and individuals who gave to make this possible.

Additionally, we provided Christmas gifts for 493 children as well. We appreciate Janet Hess and the members of Wildwood Community Church who helped organize, shop, store, and distribute the gifts to all of these children. Because of their help and the generosity of many other churches, businesses, and individuals this was made possible.

Our Transitional Housing ministry began back in June of 2014 when the mission was given use of a large house in South Norman. Our first 4-plex then opened on February 5, 2015. Since opening the Transitional Housing Program, we have ministered to a total of 45 families representing 51 adults and 129 children. We continue to plan to build a new mission center and 4 more 4-plexes for a total of 20 homes for homeless families.

Mission Norman has broken ground on our new mission center. This new building will house our new food pantry, offices, meeting space as well as all the ministries of the mission. Thank you to B & H Construction for their continued generosity and support of Mission Norman.

We would also like to thank everyone who supports the mission financially or by leading a Bible Study, volunteering at the mission center or who helps the mission in any way. Thank you all so much.

The purpose of Mission Norman remains the same throughout all these ministries – to make disciples of Jesus Christ among the unchurched. If you would like to volunteer for Mission Norman, lead a Bible Study, give financially, or share Christ with those in need, please contact Carl or Sandy at the mission at 2525 E. Lindsey St., Norman, OK 73071 or call us at the mission at (405) 321-8880.

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