Hosanna Prison Ministry

Director: Polly Ward

Hebrews 13:3 “Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners...”


We are in our 23rd year in ministry at Mabel Bassett! We are unable to go into the prison since Monday, March 9th but we have been writing letters to encourage the inmates and taking puzzle books as the inmates have been on 24/7 cell lock down due to the epidemic. A few have written saying they are working back through the Bible study books they were given. We so look forward to getting back in person to minister to these ladies as soon as we are able and as long as God allows!!

Delena Blackwood is retiring after helping with the ministry for 23 years. Pray for a few more ladies who feel called to serve the Lord with us. We do have one new lady helping us. Sheila is a former resident of MBCC and is now living out Romans 8:28. All things have worked together for good since she was called according to His purpose! Two other volunteers are former inmates as well.

Hosanna ministered to over 700 women in the last year. We currently have six ladies with badge clearance that are able to go into MBCC. We also have five additional ladies without badge clearance that answer between 30 to 70 prayer concerns a week.

We handed out Scripture Calendars to ALL of the almost 1,400 women at MBCC at Christmas!! Every woman has the word of God through the ministry of the beautiful Calendars thanks to the support of Union Baptist Association.


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  September 2021  
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