Hosanna Prison Ministry

Director: Polly Ward

Hebrews 13:3 “Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners...”


We just Celebrated our 21st year in ministry at Mabel Bassett! We are still going every Monday and there is no retirement for us, we will continue as long as God allows!!

Pray for a few more ladies who feel called to serve the Lord with us. We do have one new lady helping us, Sheila is a former resident of MBCC and is now living out Romans 8:28. All things have worked together for good since she was called according to His purpose!

Hosanna Prison Ministry goes to Mabel Bassett Correctional Center for Women every Monday teaching various Bible studies.

There have been many women every week where we teach in depth Bible Studies. The ladies really seem to love this time we have which includes Prayer, music, discussion of the Scripture Study, and we always sing Happy Birthday to the ladies the first of each month. Our Mommy & Me Ministry is still going on weekly where ladies read to their children or grandchildren to be recorded on a CD. This is for birth to 18 years of age. We mailed to over 350 children in nearly every state last year and have mailed to other countries. Our prayer and goal is to help the innocent children not hold anger or bitterness from being separated from their mother. This is most rewarding as we hear back from the caregivers as well as the children themselves how this brings peace and bonding through the Mom's voice!

We currently have five ladies with badge clearance going into MBCC as one of the ladies had to move out of state. We also have five additional ladies without badge clearance that answer between 30 to 70 prayer concerns a week.
We handed out Scripture Calendars to ALL of the almost 1,400 women at MBCC at Christmas!! Every woman has the word of God through the ministry of the beautiful Calendars thanks to the support of Union Baptist Association.


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  August 2020  
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