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  September 2018  
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Facilitating Mission Involvement Team
Team Leader: Jim Gann


Facilitating Mission Involvement Team

Jim Gann, Team Captain


This year was a very active year for the Mission Team.

Along with our budgeted areas of

  • International Missions
  • Nation to Nation
  • Our Partnership with SE Asia, Canada and Latvia
  • BCM Baptist Collegiate Ministries
  • Mission Norman (Who feed well over 1000 each month)
  • Disaster Relief (since hurricane Harvey, Southern Baptists have cooked 2.3 million meals; had 2000 gospel conversations; and seen 312 professions of faith, through our DR service, per Don Williams our current State DR Director)

We had the following Mission Funding because of your giving to this Association.

  • $6,000 to send first time individual’s from UBA churches on International Mission Trips.
  • $2,400 to Canada Convention for Meeting Expense so those Pastors can meet on a regular basis.
  • $500 to First Indian Church in Moore going on a Mission Trip to Montana for expenses and Bibles.
  • $500 to an Association of Churches in the Philippines for relief.
  • $2,500 to help a new start meet expenses after they paid annual property insurance on their building.

    Your support of The Union Baptist Association made these possible. When you give, you are supporting Missions around the world.