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Here is a brief summary of some of the fruits in Edmonton in September.


Brian Garcia and WEF (West Edmonton Fellowship) have been averaging their highest attendance since this summer outreaches occurred. Several new people have been attending and getting involved.


Michael & Alyssa, a new couple at WEF, have been coming regularly for the past month. They are now getting involved with helping set up and even assisting several outreaches.  They have even opened their home to have weekly Bible studies as our weekly Life Groups have outgrown our meeting space.


WEF also held a first time ever event at a neighboring apartment complex (Westridge Estates). Our involvement has given us favor with the manager and she is offering us to do more events and activities at her complexes. She has five. 


As a result, we are doing our first combined Village Teen Outreach this Saturday at WEF. It will be the first time the management has given us permission to use the upstairs space after hours. This is huge! It will really open the door if we can begin using that space at other times other than Sunday morning.  The Boardwalk management has put out flyers inviting teens to our event at 6 properties surrounding WEF. We pray this event goes well and we can expand our reach into more homes and lives.


Also, one of our volunteers at WEF led another man to the LORD last week. He is Canadian and grew up in the Alliance church. This was his first time to ever lead a person to Christ. I think he was more excited than the new believer!  What a praise!


We also held an outreach at another apartment complex in St Albert (Sturgeon Point Villas). This was our third event with this complex and they are hoping that we will continue to do even more with their residents.  This complex has no indoor meeting space. However, they have an old gym and racquetball courts that have not been used for over 5 years. She wants us to meet with the Boardwalk management and see if they would be willing to refurbish the rooms so we can use it for community activities including weekly Bible studies and worship services. This would open the door for us to significantly more ministry at that complex.


Last night we also held a community BBQ at yet another apartment complex (Vita Estates).  We prayed to the LORD to help us meet people who might be interested in attending church or even having Bible study in homes. We also prayed for a place to meet as that complex doesn't have a meet room either. Well, the LORD answered both prayers. We met a couple brothers who offered us to have Bible studies in their apartment and we also met several people at our event who indicated that they might be interested in attending if one got started.  These are big praises. Now we need to work to see how to get one started.


Jay Simard and his new church at Whitehall Square is doing amazing.  Jay, Karen & I led one of the regular members to the LORD this past week in her home. We also plan to have our first baptism there this Sunday afternoon. We hope to baptize four from Whitehall, including a married couple from Sudan and their oldest daughter who had prayed to receive Christ two weeks ago at one of Brian's Life Group meetings.


Well, it is snowing at our house today! So our days for outdoor events in Edmonton has come to an official end for the season. 

Now we need to work to water and cultivate all the fruit from these past several months.


Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement for our work in Edmonton.

Keep praying for us as God is answering those prayers!



Isaiah 45:22

Look unto me, and be you saved, all the ends of the earth: for I [am] God, and [there is] none else.



Stan Felder~

Strategic Church Planting Catalyst and Servant 

for Northern Alberta, Northwest Territories & Yukon

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  January 2021  
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