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   January 2019   
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Executive Director: Linda Cozadd

Reproductive Healthcare-Pregnancy Wellness

1807 W Lindsey   Norman, OK  73070

(405) 579-4673  

1315A Gateway Plaza, MWC, OK 73110

(405) 5268-0048

Hello Friends of Eden,

We have accomplished a lot this year! Our goal as a Christ centered medical clinic is to empower women with alternatives to abortion and promote responsible sexuality, parenting education and post-abortion support. In a culture that is rapidly changing it is important for us to continue to grow and find new ways to reach abortion determined women. We realized we needed to be more proactive and build trusting relationships so we could see women before they became pregnant. In order to do that we have added several medical services which are, well woman checkups, cancer screening and first trimester prenatal exams. We are working to effectively compete with Planned Parenthood for women’s healthcare as a prolife medical clinic.

The process began in November 2017 when we converted from paper files to an electronic medical record (EMR) system. We also moved our Midwest City location once again, to a bigger facility in May, 2018. We hired receptionists at both locations and a nurse practitioner to work PT; one day at Norman and one day at Midwest City.

Due to the EMR change for patient records we can only provide a report up to June 2018.

  • 599 Norman Client Appointments
  • 643 Midwest City Appointments
  • 1,242 Total Clients Served (both locations)
  • 157 AV/AM* Clients
  • 44 AV/AM who Choose Life**
  • 25 Pregnancy Wellness/Childbirth Classes

*AV/AM =Abortion-Vulnerable/ Abortion-Minded, AV; clients who are at risk for abortion due to age, socioeconomic conditions, and/or outside pressures and may not believe in abortion, but… AM; clients who clearly stated they were planning to have an abortion or were strongly considering it.

**AV/AM clients who chose life after consultation and/or ultrasound at The Eden Clinic

We want to thank UBA for their continued support of this ministry! We are grateful for the prayers and faithful monetary support – it means so much to us. God bless you all! Love never fails!