Disaster Relief Steering Team

Team Leader: Deyrl Kastner


Team Blue Cap Leaders
Chainsaw --- Jim Arnold
Shower/Laundry--- Jim Lehew
Recovery --- Richard Brown & KP Robertson


Our Disaster Teams have not been as busy over the last twelve months!

Local Spring Storms had our Chainsaw unit helping a few folks as well as FBC Norman with downed trees.

Shower unit was used by the OKC fire department for 2-3 months for Covid-19 assistance and was maintained by the fire department while on site. It was then sent to Louisiana after hurricane Laura.

Other crews were sent to Louisiana area helping with feeding and debris removal after hurricane Laura. To date over 200 individuals have accepted Christ as their savior.

Covid-19 kept people home so thankfully we didn’t see a big tornado season.

Next DR training event is scheduled for October 17 at FBC Newcastle from 9 a.m. to noon.

Register for any training event online at www.okdisasterhelp.org “learn more” tab.


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